How to Integrate Microneedling Into Your Practice to Save Time, Increase Your Income and Build Confidence in Your Technique

-Training for licensed Acupuncturists only-

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How This Will Benefit Your Acupuncture Practice and Patients

  • Grow Your Practice

    Bring this popular, lucrative specialty into your facial rejuvenation acupuncture practice or as a stand-alone service.

  • Learn Business Skills

    Navigate this rapidly growing, changing and lucrative field in terms of business marketing, skincare products, legalities and scope of practice.

  • Provide an Effective Cosmetic Service

    Artfully integrate microneedling for your patients that holistically support their health.

How our Microneedling Courses Are Different From All Others:

We want you to feel confident about practicing this specialty, diversify your income and fill your schedule with microneedling patients!

  • They are the most comprehensive courses of their kind, granting between 11-14 NCCAOM CEU’s

  • You’ll learn from two acupuncturists (one who’s also a licensed esthetician) with a combined 14 years of microneedling experience

  • We share our flexible holistic treatment protocol that can integrate with several styles of facial acupuncture or as a stand alone service

  • You’ll learn the differences between microneedling devices, and what features to look for

  • We’ll support you throughout your microneedling journey, with access to a facebook discussion group, live Q&A sessions and opportunities to hone your skills with us online


“Live Seminar: I’m impressed with the preparation and planning level of this workshop. Excellent handouts. Loved the powerpoint presentation, paper notes and USB stick. The detail oriented organization and format were excellent. Head and shoulders above the rest.”

M.S., L.Ac

“Live Seminar: Thank you for being so generous with your information and for providing notes and a flash drive. Also, thank you for sticking to the schedule!”

M.R., L.Ac.

“Online Course: Having taken a variety of online CEU courses, I just want to complement you on the quality and professionalism of your course. Well done, and thank you so much!! ”

P.S., L.Ac.

“Online Course: I am a licensed acupuncturist & recently integrated microneedling into my practice. I have taken a couple of microneedling for acupuncturists courses now, & this course is superior. You will learn about the history, the product do's & don'ts, & an in-depth look at the skin & how this helps with a number of issues. This course offers so much information that I gained more confidence in doing this procedure. I am so pleased & grateful for finding this course!”

S.G., L.Ac.

“Live Seminar: I took EastWest's Integrative Microneedling seminar with Diana and Amelia... My patients are amazed at how great their skin is looking when I combine microneedling with my new device into their cosmetic acupuncture treatments!...I have not spent any time marketing and within three months I have already paid for the cost of the class, the microneedling device and turned a profit...I highly recommend taking this class! ”

R.R., L.Ac.

“Online Course: I thought you both put a really lovely piece of work together in this microneedling course. Your efforts in your advocacy, continuing to try to improve your knowledge base on current trends/research and consistent, genuinely courteous interactions show your true spirit as leaders and teachers.”

T.H., Acupuncturist

“Online Course: The microneedling course offered by EastWest Microneedling is thorough, encourages flexibility to a practitioner's unique style and is a very integrated approach to microneedling that my patients will appreciate. You obviously took a lot of time and experience to develop this class and I appreciate your willingness to share your skills, knowledge and experience.”

T.J. Acupuncturist

“Online Course: This class is truly top notch! Some of the most thorough and thoughtful continuing education I’ve ever done. I took another microneedling class and yours is superior by a measure that they don’t even land in the same category. The quality of info and presentation of your course was totally worth the investment. I can’t wait to bring this speciality into my acupuncture practice!”

J.J., Acupuncturist

“Online Course: I really appreciated your microneedling demo (videos) -- they were quite honestly the best ones I've ever seen. And I have done *several* microneedling courses. Well done! -”

T.N., M.D., L.Ac., August 2022

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