About EWMN

Diana Horowitz, L.Ac. and Amelia Vargas, L.Ac. and Licensed Esthetician, serendipitously discovered motorized microneedling independently of each other in 2015 in Colorado. As facial rejuvenation acupuncturists both trained in The Wakefield Technique, we strongly shared a belief in supporting a patient’s constitution during any facial rejuvenation acupuncture process. Through more than a year of experimentation, we created our own holistic microneedling protocol to support the health of our patients. 

In February 2016, we gained the support of the Acupuncture Association of Colorado in determining that microneedling is within an acupuncturists scope of practice, and became Microneedling Co-Chairs on the AAC’s Board of Directors.  

Our purpose is to open the door of this primarily western cosmetic practice to acupuncturists while honoring microneedling’s roots in Chinese medicine. We would love to share the knowledge and experience we’ve gained on our microneedling journey with you.

Amelia Vargas


L.Ac. and Licensed Esthetician

Diana Horowitz